Lumina 3T MRI: A Quantum Leap in MRI Technology

April 25, 2023

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Diagnostic imaging is a dynamic field… as MRI technology evolves, new and more advanced equipment becomes available. When we at ExpertMRI are convinced that the new technology will offer an improvement in imaging capabilities—as well as in patient care—we make the investment.

Recently, we installed the new Siemens MAGNETOM Lumina 3T MRI at our Culver City location.  “3T” refers to the tesla strength of the magnet within the MRI system, which is twice as powerful as the 1.5T MRI scanners used at most imaging centers. While 3T MRI systems are becoming more and more common across California, there is nothing common about the Lumina 3T. In fact, ExpertMRI is the only outpatient center in the state to offer testing with this advanced system.

What makes this new MRI so revolutionary? To start, the quality of the images is superior to that of other MRI systems. The Lumina 3T system has what is called an ultra high-density array—a special coil that enables higher spatial and temporal resolution for noticeably better image quality. It can better visualize smaller patient anatomy, which can improve the quality of a diagnosis for certain conditions.

Next, most scans on the Lumina 3T can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Traditional MRI scanners are notorious for requiring long examinations (up to an hour in some cases). A shorter scan time means greater comfort, especially for patients who may be in severe pain at the time of their scan.

Finally, this 3T MRI scanner has a 70 cm, wide bore opening. That is 30% larger than a typical MRI and is especially beneficial to patients who become anxious or claustrophobic when having an MRI examination. The larger opening can also accommodate larger patients. The Lumina 3T can easily handle patients up to 500 lbs.

In short, improved image quality and better patient comfort are the primary reasons why we’re offering the new Lumina 3T MRI. It also aligns with our philosophy of having the most complete and diverse assortment of MRI options of any outpatient imaging center network in California. In case you’re wondering “how much does a 3T MRI cost?” The good news is that it costs no more than a 1.5T MRI, and with ExpertMRI, you’ll always find the most competitive MRI prices in California.

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