Stand-up & Front Open MRI

Enjoy comfortable stress-free MRI sessions with Stand-Up & Front Open MRI systems.

The FONAR UPRIGHT® MRI is a technological breakthrough which allows a patient to be scanned in any position, thus allowing accurate scans to be taken which most traditional MRI’s miss. Stand-UP MRI is also referred to as “weight-bearing” or “positional” as it allows the patient to be scanned in an upright position showing the weight displacement on the spine and joints.

Front Open MRI allows patients to lie in a bed instead of being enclosed in a tube. This is perfect for patients that suffer from claustrophobia, anxiety or panic attacks. Front Open MRI’s are perfect for patients of larger size, children and senior citizens.

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Traditional MRI

Traditional MRI’s are made of a capsule-like tube that takes high-quality images of patients to detect diseases. The machine is a magnet that patients lie in and scans of various body parts are taken to help in making an accurate diagnosis.

A traditional MRI is very compressed and claustrophobic and movement is restricted. This type of MRI System is not feasible for patients suffering from panic attacks or patients who are large.

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The Science of Injury Diagnostics

Expert MRI

Multiple locations throughout California, offering State-of-the-art positional and weight-bearing MRI Systems that are capable of taking images of patients in the exact position they are experiencing pain.

ExpertMRI offers State-of-the-art positional and weight-bearing MRI Systems that are capable of taking images of patients in the exact position they are experiencing pain. Highly-specialized doctors, who are at the forefront of their field, and are associated with institutions such as UCLA, USC, and UCSD as well as the United States Military Services, are here to help you find a solution to your medical problems.

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"I have been suffering from back pain since college... ExpertMRI helped me make the right decision for my treatment."

Mike S, Patient

A Great Experience

I had an MRI done there this past week. All three employees were kind, respectful, courteous. They made my experience very comfortable. They answered all my questions with complete details. A great experience!!

Kimberly B. Riverside, CA

The staff is great, they are so friendly

The staff is great, they are so friendly and they made me laugh so much and the office is so clean will definitely go back there when I need any MRI done. Thank you

Nancy C. Victorville, CA

Best MRI!

I had a seated spine MRI. The staff was very professional, kind and made me feel comfortable. I was also allowed to watch a movie during the MRI so it went by fast. A special thanks to the MRI tech Kathy for taking such great care of me while in pain.

Carrie F. Calabasas, CA


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Stand-up MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses a computer, magnetic fields and radio waves to generate images within the body.

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Front Open MRI

An Front Open MRI is a Specialized MRI machine that allows patients to lie on an Open bed instead of sliding into an enclosed tube.

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CT Scan

CT imaging is used to clearly show soft tissue, like the brain, as well as dense tissue, like bone.

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Digital Radiography (X-Ray) is the oldest and most frequently used form of imaging to see inside the human body.

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