Coronavirus Update

Your health and safety are our top priorities

At Expert MRI, we’re working hard to protect you and our staff from COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). You can be confident that we’ve taken all the necessary steps to reduce the chances of disease transmission at our centers through patient interaction with our staff and imaging equipment.

In short, we’re doing our part to keep you safe. If you’re in need of a diagnostic imaging test, it’s important to do your part by keeping your appointment. The sooner you receive an accurate diagnosis of your condition, the sooner your doctor can get the treatment you need!

Using guidelines recommended by the CDC, here’s what we’re doing:

– We increased the number of times that our centers are cleaned and thoroughly disinfected.

– We removed communal beverage centers and spread out waiting room seating to reduce the chance of proximity contact.

– We are screening for symptomatic patients at the point of scheduling, reminder and arrival, redirecting away from the facility if symptomatic and advising them to be tested.

– We implemented strict guidelines on the use of personal hygiene measures, such as hand washing after every patient interaction, and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

– We educate our staff daily about ways to protect our patients and ourselves from contracting this virus.

– We are working with our cleaning staff to ensure the proper use of medical grade cleaning materials, as well as providing all equipment and supplies necessary to ensure proper disinfection.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 877.MRI.8888.